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Traveling Children's Library

Traveling Children's Library (TCL) enhances the early literacy experiences and skills of pre-school aged children by delivering books and programs in both English and Spanish to their Head Start and early learning classrooms. Through a monthly bilingual, story time visit by Mary Kuehner, the Traveling Children’s Librarian, this unique outreach endeavor provides socio-economically challenged and/or at-risk children with greater exposure to books and the joy of reading. These fun and interactive story times use puppets and music as well as great books to encourage the development of early literacy skills. Mary also collaborates with Head Start and pre-school staff to teach them how to educate the children’s care givers about the free services and materials available for them at Jefferson County Public Library.

Summer Reading Club

Summer Reading Club (SRC) keeps children and teens reading during their summer break. This popular program attests to the continuing value of encouraging reading among primary and secondary grade children in Jefferson County. During the annual hiatus from school, reading skills often decline. This trend disproportionally impacts children living in poverty, and its effects are cumulative. SRC is significant to our socio-economically challenged youngsters as this is a free service allowing access to books and other reading materials with the added incentive of a free book upon completion. The more children read, the better their fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Our goal is to have all school-aged students in Jefferson County participate in SRC. This program runs from June 1-July 31 and offers fun for all ages with interesting books, engaging programs and incentives. JCPL’s Summer Reading Club encourages children and their parents to spend more time with books. Youth can sign-up online beginning May 1 or at any JCPL location.

JCPL2go Tablets for Public Use

Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL) is now offering a limited number (200) of JCPL 2 Go devices for checkout at all 10 library locations. These Internet-enabled computer tablets offer wireless access to an exciting menu of digital information, including eBooks, magazines, games, videos, Internet search capabilities and more. JCPL 2 Go devices are wireless D2 tablets that weigh less than a paperback but can contain a virtual library of eBooks and other digital information. The tablets come preloaded with selected eBook titles, a game, and Library eBook applications, so patrons can download other digital titles from the Library. They are available in three formats − kids, teens and adults − and may be checked out for three weeks at a time. They come with a carrying case, charger and instructions, and Library staff members are available to provide an overview of the device to interested patrons.

Early Literacy Playscapes

Jefferson County Public Library wants to create welcoming environments in our libraries that invite children and caregivers to engage in early literacy and learning activities to promote pre-reading skills. We envision playscapes (active learning environments) in Library Children’s areas throughout Jefferson County. These playscapes would be equipped with interactive toys, activities and technology to promote interactive play and conversation, because interactive play and interactive play leads to the development of literacy skills. Through play, children learn about their world. These activities help them understand language and stories. Play is so important that the United Nations High Commission has recognized it as a basic right of every child. Offering blocks, bricks, and other manipulatives increases STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skill building opportunities in our Jefferson County Public Library. Our goal is to reinforce the importance of play by offering a variety of activities to children and caregivers. We want to give kids and families reasons to visit the library again and again.

Swank Movie License

The Swank Movie License encourages safe and productive activities for kids and teens, as well as shared family time, through an unlimited movie license for patrons at Jefferson County Public Libray’s Belmar, Arvada, Columbine, Conifer, Evergreen & Standley Lake branches. This license allows unlimited movies showing at these six locations The license also allows the library to bring in new patrons; and offer low cost programming for all ages.  The movie showings span all ages and groups such as family movie night, early school release matinees and adult after-hours programs that include discussion on the movie. In 2013 we doubled the number of movie programs and tripled our attendance.  During January – June 2012 we showed 32 movies and had a total attendance of 474.  That compares to the 2013 January – June numbers of 68 movies shown with 1524 attendees. We feel this is a great value for our taxpayers and a great service for our patrons.

Early Literacy Programming

As Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL) continues to build partnerships with stakeholders in the community in an ongoing effort to improve early literacy outcomes for our Jefferson County kids, JCPL hopes to leverage these relationships to help meet the goal of our Board of Trustees. One way to achieve this goal is by developing community learning activities and events for stakeholders and caregivers in collaboration with community partners. Using partnerships is a way to manage costs, increase impact and reach our common customers. The purpose of these activities and events would be to promote the social and economic benefits of the prevention of reading difficulties; early brain development, and the unique role libraries play in early, free public education.

Book Club Kits

This program helps to promote a culture of reading by offering book club kits for checkout at Jefferson County Public Library to new or ongoing book clubs. These kits would include multiple copies of book titles, author information, and sample discussion questions.  Groups could check out a complete kit, and JCPL could also use them to support library sponsored book discussion groups.

High Impact/High Profile Programs

Some of the programs Jefferson County Public Library is planning for are high impact programs that reach large audiences, such as, One Book. 1 Golden, Golden Candlelight Walk, Great Decisions at Evergreen and Columbine, a teen author visit, and an after-hours program for teens in 2014, One book One Wheat Ridge  and a locavore faire highlighting local authors and crafts people.

Culture Pass

With this program, Jefferson County Public Library card holders are able to book a specific date to visit participating cultural institutions using the Library’s membership. We are partnering with the Denver Firefighter’s Museum; Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys; Dinosaur Ridge; Golden History Museums, History Colorado Center, Museum of Contemporary Art, Platte Valley Trolley and the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, and JCPL distributed nearly 1600 passes for two or more attendees in 2013. This gives Library patrons access to rich, new experiences, provides low-cost entertainment and offers increased visibility to our community partners.

eTrain Wrap

The eTrain wrap will provide vehicle identification for this great Jefferson County Public Library service. Our eTrain mobile computer training lab brings technology access and training to Jefferson County residents throughout the County, many of whom do not have access to computers of the Internet at home and cannot get to a library. Target services include partnering with non-profits to provide access to their stakeholders, senior and assisted living facilities and our lower income communities. In 2013, JCPL offered 212 technology classes via the eTrain, to more than 1,000 residents.

JCPL would like to be able to identify this vehicle for what it is. Currently our vehicle says “bookmobile.” Now that it has been repurposed, JCPL wants everyone to know what it is and what it does when it rolls down the road or is parked at a community site. The promotional impact of the eTrain wrap should not be underestimated, as it provides free advertising for the Library and increases awareness about our commitment to technology access and training.

Jeffco Stories

Jefferson County Public Library is collecting historical stories for the posterity of Jefferson County. Started in 2008, Jeffco Stories is the JCPL oral history digitization project. Residents who have stories to share about life in Jefferson County tell their stories which are then digitized and transcribed. These stories are available through Current partnerships have been developed with North Fork Oral History Project, Lakewood Historical Society, Ken Caryl Ranch Historical Society and Jefferson County Historical Commission.

This program offers rich opportunities to capture the unique history of our community in a very personal way before they are lost. JCPL envisions an intergenerational program with younger volunteers interacting with our Senior residents to learn about and capture their stories.

Children’s Core Digital Materials

Our Jefferson County children need to be familiar with the technology of their generation. To that end, Jefferson County Public Library is expanding the availability of core children's material in digital format.

American Sign Language Storytimes

This American Sign Language (ASL) Storytime program will encourage regular visits to Jefferson County Public Library by deaf and/or hard-of-hearing children and their families as well as promote library services to the deaf community. The program will also help to fight illiteracy in the deaf community by encouraging and supporting reading. Two storytimes will be offered each month that will be presented in American Sign Language. Presenters are recruited from the deaf community, and interpreters are available to translate the storytime into spoken English for hearing members of the audience. The storytimes are modeled on our existing English storytimes. They are about 30 minutes in length and geared to preschool-aged children. We will also offer a craft to coincide with the story that is presented.

Our target audience is preschool-aged children for whom ASL is their first language. They may be deaf or hard of hearing, or hearing children of deaf parents. This program is an opportunity for them to experience a storytime that uses their primary language as opposed to an English storytime that is translated into ASL.

This ASL storytime program will help to fight illiteracy among the deaf population by promoting reading and books. The Gallaudet Research Institute finds that the median reading level for 17 and 18-year old deaf students is at a 4th grade level. This program also conveys to the deaf community that Jefferson County Public Library and the Jefferson County Library Foundation value their culture and language, and we are willing to offer programs designed for them.

Start With A Story

More than 90 percent of brain development happens between the ages of birth and five. Consequently, the most important learning years are those before a child enters kindergarten. In Jefferson County, more than 10,000 children under the age of six are living in poverty, and only a fraction of these children are served by Head Start or other quality pre-school programs. Jefferson County Public Library’s Start with a Story program delivers early literacy storytimes to at-risk children in licensed day care centers. Start with a Story is run using volunteers. Through an innovative oartnership with TRIAD and Jeffco Human Services, JCPL hopes to bring positive literacy experiences to children in 19 day-care centers serving low income children.

AWE Early Literacy Stations

The AWE Early Literacy Station (ELS) is a comprehensive all-in-one digital learning solution for children ages 2-8. There will be one Early Learning Station in each Jefferson County Public Library branches. It offers children a safe, stand-alone computer - not connected to the Internet that is age-appropriate, engaging, and academically relevant for children. These Early Literacy Stations are designed to support school readiness and access to technology, while making learning exciting and engaging. The latest version of these Early Literacy Stations features more than 60 educational software programs spanning seven curricular areas: reading, math, science, social studies, writing, arts and music and reference. The system is designed to attract and educate toddlers through early elementary school-aged children. Many of the software programs contain disguised learning activities that expand the child’s experience through games and other activities. It is available in English, bilingual Spanish and bilingual French. It is available on a variety of hardware platforms to suit individual needs.

Teen Technology

Jefferson County Public Library will purchase laptops and/or tablets for the teen spaces in Evergreen, Golden and Belmar libraries. Teen spaces in JCPL with dedicated teen computer and internet access report higher usage of the space and library resources. Unfortunately many of our teen spaces in JCPL do not have computer access. With the introduction of laptops and/or tablets to help fill this gap, JCPL will inviting teen spaces that support the educational and recreational needs of Jefferson County teens.

The digital divide between the students who have access to technology and those teens that do not have this technological access was been apparent to JCPL librarians as they visited schools this fall.  Jefferson County Public Library is in an ideal position to assist students who have been left behind and disenfranchised by the expansion of technology and its use in education by providing access to tools and resources to help students. Furthermore, a new Pew Internet Project report reveals that 93% of teens aged 12‐17 go online, as do 93% of young adults ages 18‐29. Over the past ten years, teens and young adults have been consistently the two groups most likely to go online. Having laptops and/or tablets in Evergreen, Golden and Belmar teen areas would allow the library to expand access to technology without expensive wiring and data costs. Also the more mobile format of laptops or tablets will allow greater flexibility in how the computers are used, independently, collaboratively in groups or librarian led programming.

Edgewater Outreach - 8 iPad minis w/covers & software

The need for our mobile computer training lab, also known as the eTrain has never been higher. Our community demonstrates a strong need for workforce training skills, especially for residents with limited access to computers and the Internet. In order to continue providing the most current and sought after classes, we need additional tools to teach classes via the mobile lab and the Computer Training Center.

In 2014, we will bring the eTrain to Edgewater to give greater computer access to this community. iPads will give Edgewater residents the skills they need to be ready to read, to have the keyboarding skills they need to participate equally in pre-K testing and to support their educational curriculum. All Edgewater schools are participating in a pilot IMPACT program paid for through federal funding, wherein every student will receive an iPad to use in the classroom and at home as a primary learning tool. It is designed to enhance student performance, engagement and productivity.

Partners at Edgewater schools have received multiple requests from parents, eager to learn this technology. Parents need the basics, such as, computer use, setting up email and searching the internet. Many of the parents are job seekers and do not have these skills. They are trying to help their kids use and do homework on the iPad, with no familiarity. The addition of iPads to the eTrain would allow us to address this very pressing community need.

Programming at JCPL

Programming at JCPL is year-round for children, teens and adults in literature, arts, sciences, current events, writing and culture to instill the love of reading and lifelong learning. Our programs also include a variety of resources of Jefferson County Public Library, such as, our Homebound Service, Culture Pass Program, Jeffco Stories Oral History Project, eTrain, Bookmobile, Homework Helpline, jobs databases, a variety of classes in Spanish and so much more.

Our Endowment

Our Endowment is another way to keep funds in perpetuity for future generations. Our endowment goal is $1,000,000 to ensure the proliferation of our Foundation and funding for Jefferson County Public Library. If you would like to contribute, please donate now or contact us.