Early Literacy

Early literacy skills develop in real life settings
through positive interactions with literacy
materials and other people—making the library a
perfect place to foster early literacy.
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Cultural Engagement

It’s often said that one can discover the world
within the walls of a library. With the Culture
Pass, patrons can discover their world outside the
library, and through the Swank Movie License—
which allows unlimited screenings of the latest
films at our libraries—Patrons can get a healthy
dose of culture inside the library too.
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Technology Access

We live in an ever-changing world, where
technology and computers shape our lives.
Everything from paying taxes to shopping is
done online, making digital and computer
literacy a must. Our libraries work hard to
ensure that every citizen has access to
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Education is a lifelong process. From Early
Literacy to adult education, our libraries offer
programs that support learning at all ages,
including Summer Reading, adult education,
LibLab, and Teen Coding Academy, among
other programs
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Volunteer with the Library Foundation

Our library system enriches the quality of life for all people in Jefferson County by providing resources for information, education and recreation. Help us to help the libraries by lending a hand!  Join our volunteer team and help us with our popular annual book sales, fundraising events, book donation processing, and other programs. Come complete an application and let us know where you’d like to help.

Help Support Jefferson County’s Libraries

The Jefferson County Library Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the programs and services of the Jefferson County Public Library. For example, we are the primary supporter of the Library’s Summer Reading program, which is designed to fill the literacy gap during the months that children are not in school. Come in and learn about easy, quick ways you can contribute to our mission of supporting Jeffco libraries.


Westerra Credit Union Champions Friends

Westerra Credit Union Champions Friends

We’re proud to announce that Westerra Credit Union is the Friends of JCPL 2017 “Champion” sponsor! Westerra will sponsor both Whale of a Used Book Sales in spring and fall, as well as Holiday Sales and Friends events throughout the year. That’s not all! They are also providing reusable book bags that will be distributed free of charge to all[Read Entire Post]


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